GP RSR Pocket Bike

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The name, "GP RS-R" was used for a variety of pocket bikes, for example Mini pocket rockets has a model like that that is now a 4-stroke and has a rear shock, however that is not what the GP RSR was... when it was a two stroke, without a shock. The RSR they sell is effectively this bike:

40cc Pocket Bike - 4-stroke

...but with a shock. So you can save over $100 if you're going to get a 40cc anyways... hope that makes sense.

You can access the old link to read the old description and see the pictures, however that type of bike is currently not available with any pocket bike dealer.

Link: Grand Prix RSR Mini Bike (click here).

This page is for information only, this bike unfortunately is NOT found in the U.S.A. for sale by any vendor, please do not bait and switched.